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  1. Shirts for Boys and Girls:

    1. Students are expected to wear Polo type shirts in solid school colors (or with school logo only).

    2. Solid Polo colors are burgundy, hunter green, light blue, navy blue or white only. (5 colors)

    3. In case of cold weather, undershirts and turtlenecks may be worn but must be solid shirt school colors or black.  (burgundy, hunter green, light blue, navy blue, white or black - 6 colors)

    4. All top garments must be neatly tucked in and free from tears, holes or frays.

  1. Bottoms for Boys and Girls:

    1. Students are expected to wear Khaki or Navy solid school colors with no logos. (2 colors)

    2. Uniform bottoms include long pants, shorts, skirts or jumpers and free of tears, holes or frays.

    3. Skirts, shorts and jumpers cannot be shorter than fingertip length (with hands by sides).

    4. In case of cold weather, leggings may be worn but must be one of the following colors; Khaki, Navy, white or black with no logos. (4 colors).

    5. Girls will be allowed to wear appropriate shorts underneath skirts or jumpers.

  1. Shoes:  Only sneakers with rubber soles are to be worn.  Sneakers with electronics, wheels and other irregular accessories are not to be worn.  No other shoes are allowed including boots, crocs, jellies, water shoes, flip-flops, sandals, cleats, etc. 

  1. Socks: must be solid school colors or black and no logos.  This includes ankle socks and socks that peak out of the shoe.  (If you can see it, it should meet school uniform colors).

  1. Outerwear:

    1. Sweaters/sweatshirts must be solid school colors or with school logo only. This includes; burgundy, hunter green, light blue, navy or white. (5 colors)

    2. During colder weather, a heavy winter jacket may be worn, but MUST be removed upon entering the building.  The school strongly encourages parents to buy appropriate heavy jackets which support the intent of our uniform policy.

  1. Miscellaneous:

    1. Hats, bandanas (including scarfs), beanies and sunglasses are not permitted.  Other hair accessories are permitted but must not be bulky in nature and should support the overall school appearance.

    2. Scout uniforms:  Scout uniforms are permitted on club meeting days.

Enforcement of this dress code will be as follows:

  • 1st Violation: Verbal warning to student.

  • 2nd Violation: Written or verbal communication to parent.

  • 3rd Violation: Discipline referral written and sent to office.

  • 4th Violation: Discipline referral and student placed on probation.

  • 5th plus Violation: Continued referrals and possible revocation of zone waiver

Please write your child’s name inside jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters, as numerous items are frequently left unclaimed and will be donated to charity at the end of each quarter.

We expect all students to follow the dress code and have a neat overall appearance at all times.   We will be glad to help any family who is in need of clothing. Please contact our Guidance Counselor at (352) 394-6633.