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Teacher Request Form

Click on this link to complete your teacher request form for the 2023 - 24 school year. 

Please fill out one form per student. The purpose of this form is to give you a voice in the classroom roster process. While we work hard to honor the requests, we cannot guarantee your request will be fulfilled.  When using a mobile device to make your selection, you may need to scroll left or right to see all teachers.  We will not be accepting requests for Kindergarten or 3rd grade as we only have 2 returning teachers on the Kindergarten Team and only one on the 3rd-grade Team. Teachers will have a large part in balancing classes for the 23/24 school year. Please believe and trust that we work hard to have a staff of great teachers in all of our classrooms. We will do our best to accommodate one of your choices but there are no guarantees. You must choose 3 different teachers.